Keeley DM Drive

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That Pedal Show’s D&M Drive

D&M Drive är den perfekta mixen mellan  Drive and Boost. D&M erbjuder en underbar klingande  Boost-sida som är utformad för att ge den perfekta tonen på alla förstärkare som behöver tryckas på. Drive-sidan erbjuder allt du vill ha i en overdrive. Från neutral transparent overdrive som är perfekt för ackordspel till brinnande solo-spel med…
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The D&M Drive is the perfect storm of Drive and Boost. The D&M offers a gorgeous sounding high voltage Boost side designed to impart the perfect tone on any amp that needs to be pushed. No longer will you wonder what the perfect clean boost should be. As you roll things up, the drive morphs your tone into singing gold. A sexy and smoothly saturated midrange voice appears that breathes confidence. The Drive side offers everything you’d want in a powerful gain stage. From flat honest overdrive perfect for any set of chords to searing hot lead work with tons of sustain. The Drive is the perfect counterpoint to the Boost. Not only does each side of the pedal provide rewarding guitar tones, they can be used to stack together for an out-of-world experience. The pro switching system developed for the D&M Drive allows you to select which side of the pedal comes first and in fact you can configure the pedal to work in a pro-switching system like the G2 for independent pedal use!

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